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I do realize that the guitar is peaking, but I dont have the proper equipment right now to record it in a better way. I am hoping to get all the stuff together by the end of the summer.

electro dubstep draft w. improvised guitar by Daniel Lazarescu

This was made after one of my first attempts at abletons operator for dubstep... and basically I asked people for their opinion and they said that I should call it anti clockwise... so I worked around the track to base it on that concept. It's not supposed to be a dancable song, it is conceptual. The lyrics are chosen on topic.. not necessarily because I would have chosen them... I mean, whoever goes back in time, must have regrets... otherwise he would have no reason.

Anti Clockwise by Daniel Lazarescu


Would you turn back time if you could?

Change your entire life if you would.

Look at yourself day by day,

Wondering why it’s all the same,

Wondering why it’s all in vain (alternative)

You took my mind so long ago,
With fire imprinted on my soul,
Your dancing image, southern girl,
And I can’t and won’t forget,
All the time that once we spent.
You, my southern queen of hearts,
Have burned with force your uneven path,
Through a world of lust and love,
I wonder, will you ever stop?
Rest for once and just stand still,
So I, once more, can behold,
The beauty that lingers inside your soul.


Inspired by Incubus - Southern girl

Reality bursts into pieces of dust,
The moment you can’t do what you must,
It slips and turns and screams and moans,
When everything seems blurry and torn,
Adrenaline making you run so fast,
Insanity biting, ravishing force,
This is where everything’s out of control,
And you grip to hold on with all your force,
Only to realize that you need to let go.
Inspired by Hunter S. Thompson.

“The edge, there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson 1937 – 2005

It takes more than just one day,
To realize that it’s not all vain,
And as we dance and sing,
Crave the joy and having together as one,
I gently touch your strings and you vibrate my name,
And as we dance, you singing out every touch,
The hair on my neck is standing up,
You scream of pleasure and it sounds like bliss,
And we merge into waves and colours,
It’s a hot summer’s day.
It feels like the hot burning sun,
In my veins…with a glass of wine,
A freshly lit cigarette,
To exhale our passion’s heat,
We are one, you and I,
And I love you,
My red Lady,
My six stringed loved one.

Whatever tomorrow will bring,
However far the stars might seem,
Even if through the dark I have to walk,
I will carry on with love in my heart,
Even if I fall down hard,
If I fail and take the wrong path,
I know that the pain won’t last,
Even if it’s hard to part,
I will see you again, one day,
You’re all in my heart.

Thank you all for the amazing time I got to spend with you guys, for the good and the bad times we have gone through. Thank you all for supporting me when I needed it, thank you for those fantastic years of my life. We will meet again, that I am sure of. I wish everyone the best.

In the bewitched dim light of the morning,

I was thinking of your face and all its’ gleaming,

And it stung me like a stingray’s tail,

Full of venom, deadly hail.


Forth I went on with my day,

The sun burning reckless upon my face,

My eyes shut to a slit, it was you again.

You…always you, my love, my hell.


And through this desert, dry and plain,

The only thing that keeps me going in vain,

Is the thought of seeing your face again.

To you… my beautiful poison queen.

And often you wonder why,

Am I not worth it, am I too shy?

But there’s always more ahead,

For you won’t stay crooked, you’ll go ahead,

Cause that is just what you do,

Since you were born to serve the few.

As long as there’s some use for you,

You’ll be a dog, loyal, true.


Often we’re mislead,

By feelings, pain, past events,

And here I stand, a dog, an honest friend.

Let’s all make this night light up,
There is nothing which can stop us,
With our looks and attitude,
We’re gonna make this whole place new.
Take your hat, take your tie,
Don’t forget your pants and your pride,
Put on your shirt, it’ll just be alright,
As long as you know how to be alive.
Spin it around, crack it up,
Pump up the volume, never stop.
Bring all your friends and sing along,
Cause there is nothing which can go wrong.
Let’s all make this night light up,
There is nothing which can stop us,
With our looks and attitude,
We’re gonna make this whole place new.
Now you all feel alive,
And you’re just going with the vibe,
Just forget about the trouble in your life,
Let’s make it special and feel alright.
Let’s all make this night light up,
There is nothing which can stop us,
With our looks and attitude,
We’re gonna make this whole place new.
We have nothing to lose,
Let go of your fears and go ahead,
Tear off the roof of this place,
Set it on fire, let’s just dance!
Let’s all make this night light up,
There is nothing which can stop us,
With our looks and attitude,
We’re gonna make this whole place new.

It’s raining,

Slowly fumbling down,

And as I look up to the sky,

From my little balcony,

In the deep dark night,

I can hear the drops fall and hit the ground,

And I feel so grateful for my crown,

For now I am the king of frowns.

And all my past seems washed away,

A stream of old, forgotten pains,

And in clear waters I do rise,

As a new…more healthy vine.

No hard feelings ( beta ) by Daniel Lazarescu


There’s nothing I could possibly do,

This place just seems to feel like you,

And even if I’d try to lie,

I’d try in vain, it feels so fine.




Now take my hand and follow me,

Onto this road of ecstasy,

Would you be the one to smile at me,

Every day we’d just be free.




And as we’d start to dance and sing,

The world would be a better thing,

As long as this can still go on,

I’m waiting for another song.




This is how I feel my dear,

A shameless grin, all without fear,

Now take my hand and follow me,

Cause this is the road of ecstasy.




The world is spinning just too fast,

The hourglass will never rest,

And even as we wait in line,

One day we all do have to die.




So once again I’m standing here,

Thinking about you my dear,

And I just don’t want to regret,

Not having said what’s to be said.




So take my hand and follow me,

This is the road of ecstasy.

It doesn’t matter what will be,

Life is short, it could be fine.




I just don’t want to stand in line.




-" My hands are shivering since I can remember myself... they just do."

-" But they don't shiver when I hold them... so, you just need someone to hold your hand...."


(Inspired by the song D.O.A. - Foo fighters)

In the light of a summer morning,

Everything was calm, breathing slowly.

And as voices whisper, words collide,

We should all be honoured, filled with pride.

For life will always bring its’ ups and downs,

Indeed we should never frown,

For beauty lies within our thrives,

And as the song keeps playing within our heads,

We should start singing, than remain silent instead.

Lay me on ice,

Deliver me from here to paradise,

Let me rest now,

With time passing by,

Let me open my eyes,

When it’s over,

When all is bright.

Tired, sipping one more mug,

It all is numb, just one more cup.

Furnished buildings, lighting up.

One more scream, then a truck.

Toxic fumes are in the air,

A cloud of crows, feels like despair.

Then a shiver, a careless shrug,

Keep your eyes, if possibly, shut.

Lay my head against the grass,
Rotten roots are sticking out, it has passed.
Will it ever be the same?
A place on earth to grow again?
And as I see a seagull pass,
I hope destiny will find its' path.
And just for now, I wish no more,
But to lay my head against the grass once more.
Hoping that there someday will be,
Someone who will carry me,
Taking what is left of me.

How delightful and prosper you lighten up,
Make people dance, sing and laugh,
When you bring your joy we learn to love,
Enjoy what once was given to us,
And as we linger, in your embrace,
We feel the beauty of this place,
So why won’t you stay just a bit longer?
Your equal will surely though not want to wait,
He has to remind us of our cruel fate,
So next time we’ll meet, it will be delightful and bitter-sweet.

Concealed in flesh,

Jack grew up,
His body strengthened,
His voice firm and sharp.
His mind a razor,
Ready for the worlds’ demanding tasks.


“I do live a humble life,
What I do not understand though,
Why was given to me this absolute pride?
Never have I been stuck with my plans,
Though often enough have I had to start again.
And lightning shall strike me if there is no meaning,
God, you must be there, it all must happen for a reason,
Truly I don’t quite understand why you took all my memory,
Left me here struggling with all that is intuition.
For blindly I now follow what I think is my purpose,
Scared that I am the only thing I can truly believe in,
All I want of you is to give me a sign,
Show me that there really is something divine. “

For what Jack now didn’t yet know,
Was that he’d find it only inside of his soul.
And the doubt within was a lingering demon,
Which would fuel all his ponderings, passions and feelings,
Trying to give it all a meaning.

Leave behind time and space,

Let go of all lingering hate,

Strip down your colour,

Stop thinking of fate.

Feel yourself flowing,

Pulsating crate.

Free yourself once,

And you shall not stand,

Ever at a point… close to the end.

Open your eyes,

It is time now to see,

This world… laying at your feet.

Will you be mine?

Taste this love,

And you shall thrive.

Don’t make those limbs brawl,

For they will surrender,

To this anthem of mine,

Give in to the bliss,

Be forgiven, give in,

Move tender and swift,

Feel your body extinct.

Make your soul be empowered,

Forget all reason and thoughts,

Become nature again.

Be with me, my love.

Is there a difference between Europeans and Asians?

Between the African people and American residents?

Yes there is! Culture and civilization!

But down to the core,

We’re all the same being.

There is no race,

No better or worse,

It’s all just about commitment and truth,

Now just think for a second,

This might be about you!

Would you hurt yourself, or would it be evil?

It’s time to wake up and help those who need it!

Dismember my peace and lift me out of my grave,
For I loathe the stench of those eternal lands,
Bring me the fragrance of great far-off plants.
Let me see the face of the immortal light,
Rip me away so forever I can crave the night.
Take all I own and burn down my house!
Let me see freedom from a different side,
Make them all know that I came back from the dead,
Tell them I rose right up from the grave.
So though shall now see,
This immortal pulse of deathly light,
With nothing but soul, not the eyes.

It was a day like none the other,

As I met you and no other,

With my head clear and wide,

Embracing the sweet November’s afternoon light,

And like a gentle summerbreeze,

Your look was faithful and of ease,

We talked and walked and got to know,

A fragment of each others soul.

Until this day I do still think,

That you are like hope itself,

A heavenly thing.

Today you turned just one year older,

Another step on life’s high ladder,

You chose your path,

I hope very well,

But the one thing that you must remember and know,

Is that you are never alone,

For I am here right by your side,

And I’ll always greet you with a warm-hearted smile,

Because I love you,

You are a part of my soul.

11.02.2009 ( Sorry for my late publishing of this one, I had a few problems with my internet. )

Eat your acid, take a breath,

Smoke that shit and take the crack!

Fill your lungs with gasoline,

This is it, you’re now ready,

You contract, react, so erect,

Give yourself just one more load,

So you can take it all night long,

The bass is roaring, the tom drum rocks,

You are floating, you are fucked!

Your pulse is screaming, your ears collapse,

Your brain stops functioning, you disconnect.

Step one you take the first single pill,

Step two is the one which makes you feel,

The third one makes you take some more,

On the fourth one you are already sore,

From now on you need it twenty-four,

By this time you’re already dead,

Take the pill, go ahead!

Ticking clocks and spending time,

On building blocks of scheduled life,

And by the age of twenty one,

We loose the sense of our own mind,

Responsible and precautious craving,

Pills and money, making babies,

Righteous living, saying “maybe”,

Churches, presidents, take the lead!

I need a happy life to live.


Take me home and bring me T.V.,

One thousand channels, I am pleased,

Deliver me sanity! Give me idols and belief,

I need that car in order to be relieved.

I need to see that shirt on me!

Give me porn and alcohol,

It will enlighten my entire soul.

Now the new disease is killing me,

Hope will come with the insurance policy.


Thank you god that I have this life,

Don’t have to lead an unhappy life,

Poor and homeless, not in the jungle,

Wild animals and hunting, that’s not my style.

I need my smoothie and my diet coke,

I know, this way, that I do exist,

Me, I believe in medi[idiocy!]ocrity.

As I lied down and stared at the sealing,
I figured I had this strangest of feelings,

It was of how very different you are,

The manner you do things,

Your thoughts and your heart.

You give me strength and I can’t resist,

Your beauty, your words, your sweetest kiss,

And therefore I’m greatful and it’s hard to believe,

That finally now this greatest gift,

Through you, my love, I have recieved.

And awake at this hour this I do write,

Because I’m thinking of you,

I love you,


Thank you,

For life.


*All the posts of this blog are written by me, the pictures I am using are either taken by me or I have the permission to use them.*


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